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Fordham Road Collaborative grew out of an effort in 2010 to help professional educators develop technical skills at Fordham University in New York City. Robert Brancatelli and David Gautschi, dean of Fordham University's Graduate School of Business, created a course that also attracted executives from companies like General Electric and AT&T who wanted to develop the vocational aspect of their careers. The course quickly changed focus from technical skills to vocation. 

Today, FRC is located in Silicon Valley, San Diego, Dallas, and New York City. We work globally with clients in a variety of industries such as retail, insurance, financial services, and higher education. We focus on virtue and its impact on leadership and performance. Our team consists of Michael Avari, Dennis Kushner, Kristen Treglia, and Jian Xiao

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You can solve any problem through the exercise of virtue. Virtue boosts performance and provides your company with a competitive advantage.